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Hercules Hercules is a software emulation for the IBM S/370 and S/390 hardware architecture. Enjoy the power of MVS, MVT, or VM on your
 Linux or Windows Desktop/Notebook.

3172 Models -002, -003 and -390 Layout

Sort of reminds me of the aftermath of a RS/6000 and a 9595 crash.

  The illustrations in the Maintenance manual show the single serial/single parallel 95 planar. The Model 001 uses an 8580-Axx planar, with (2) 4MB planar memory cards.. The -002 uses possibly the G complex. The -003 uses the G but could be upgraded with the M, P, Q and Y.

Operator's Panel, Models 1, 3, and 390

Operator's Panel, Models 2 Only

For ICP, the keypad is used to review error information and to issue commands. Using the keypad, you can key in a command or request additional information about any status condition shown on the 4-digit display. The keypad has 16 keys, hexadecimal numbers 0 through F.

There are four keys on the operator panel that are defined by the ICP: 
Channel 1 On/Off   Toggle Channel 1 adapter online and offline. 
Channel 2 On/Off  Toggle Channel 2 adapter online and offline. 
Clear  If you make a mistake keying in a command and want to start again. 
Enter  Use this key to confirm an entry. 

Note: Channel 1 On/Off key and Channel 2 On/Off key are disabled for the following ICP configurations: 
    ICP LAN Gateway function with the ESCON Adapter 
    ICP CTC function. 

The following types of channel adapters are available: 
    3172 Int. Controller S/370 Channel Adapter (Parallel Channel Adapter) 
    3172 Int. Controller ESCON Adapter (ESCON Adapter). 

Processor Card (66M Hz) P/N06H7317 (New) (Type 4) Pentium 
                requires Reference Diskettes V5.2 dated 8/22/95 or later for 
                diskettes A, B, & C. (Post requires V5.2 dated 8/24/95.) 
                Processor Card (90M Hz) P/N06H7095 (New) (Type 5) Pentium 
                requires Reference Diskettes V5.2.3 or later. 

If you are running ICP, the 66 Mhz processor requires ICP Version 3 Release 3. Previous releases of ICP are not supporter. 
 The 50 Mhz processor requires at least ICP Version 3 Release 2. 

3172 Interconnect Controller Model 1.
This was a new product designed to supersede the earlier 8232 LAN Channel Station. Now withdrawn, the Model 1 was the first of this family of LAN/Host gateways. It featured an 80386 processor and an IBM Micro Channel* Architecture supporting up to four LAN adapters and two host channels. In addition, this model had the capability for remote  channel-to-channel services.
   Oriented to TCP/IP connectivity, the Model 1 was initially designed to be used with the Interconnect Controller Program (ICP) Version 1. It is rack mountable in an industry standard 19" rack, such as the IBM 9309. All controls are on the front panel.
   It has a wierdly mounted low profile 3.5" DBA drive, WDL-330RS. The drive is directly mounted to a Type 5 form factor card. The card has an odd beige colored 4 pin plug, same color as the 8580 power plug.Only one trace seems to be connected, bet it's the +12v...
   The 3172 model 1 requires 200vac-240vac input voltage.
  This model uses.. sigh... an 8580-Axx planar
Looking at the -001 parts list- it shows an 8580 style speaker/battery holder...

3172 Interconnect Controller Model 2
   The product gained SNA capabilities as well as an FDDI interface. Performance was slightly enhanced as well with the release of ICP Version 2. A major change was the introduction of the Operator Facility/2 (OF/2) utility. This filled the requirement for a more robust interface for the configuration and installation of ICP. Based on the Presentation Manager of OS/2, it utilizes NetBIOS for communication with the 3172 over a token-ring or Ethernet connection. OF/2 is a convenient, flexible tool for managing up to sixteen 3172s from a single workstation. The model 2 has a switchable power supply and will accept 110vac or 220vac. 

3172 Interconnect Controller Model 3
The Model 3 was announced in June of 1992. As of publication of this manual it is the current model shipping from IBM. Similar in nature to its predecessors, the Model 3 surpasses them in performance and in available options. A new design with enhanced RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) characteristics, it features an Intel** 25 MHz 80486SX processor on a pluggable processor card as standard equipment with 50 MHz 80486DX and 66 MHz Pentium** upgrade options. The Model 3 has a 1.0GB SCSI disk drive option, extendable memory up to 64MB and for the first time gains direct wide area connections through the IBM Micro Channel Wide-Area Connector card to a public or private frame relay network or leased line SDLC network through the ARTIC Portmaster* card options. The Model 3 offers a greater span of options and at lower cost than the Model 1. Both the original Model 1 and the Model 2 have now been withdrawn and superseded by the Model 3.
   The 3172 models 3 requires 200vac-240vac input voltage.
Model 3 features
The high-performance hard disk adapter is shipped with the hard disk and plugs into the system board (into slot 8) (Ed. Possible error); it provides a receptacle for the hard disk drive cable. The hard disk adapter that is provided as base hardware is shipped with the base hard disk. 

Single inline memory modules, or SIMMs are plugged into the memory slots on the system board. There are two banks with four memory slots each on the system board. SIMMs are shipped and installed in pairs; that is, one is plugged into slot A1 of the first bank and one into slot B1 of the second bank. The next two SIMMs are plugged into slots A2 and B2 of each bank, and so on. 

Two 4-MB non-ECC SIMMs are included as base hardware with the IBM 3172 Model 3. Hardware Package1 and Hardware Package2 provide pairs of larger capacity SIMMs to replace the 4-MB ones. Also, pairs of 4-MB non-ECC SIMMs or of 8-MB ECC SIMMs may be ordered as features. See "3172 Model 3 Features" in topic 1.2.2 for more  nformation. 

The diskette drive uses a standard double-sided, high-density 3.5-inch removable diskette. The drive motor is +12 volts direct current (V dc), direct drive (nonbelt). The +12 V dc motor is hardware-controlled and is switched on only when drive access is required. 

The operator panel contains the display, indicators, keypad, defined keys, diskette drive, and on/off switch. The control logic for reading the keypad switches and writing data to the status indicators is contained on the operator panel. The processor logic reads and writes to the operator panel through the I/O data bus. 

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