Point of Sale
This deals mostly with OS4680 / OS4690, Store Controllers, 4683 and 4693 POS terminals.
POS Files Such as they are 

If you have information on systems, parts, or information on these items, please Contact ME.

Origins of the 4680 Series POS Terminals
Greg Fretwell asserts:
    4680 [ed. The 4680 series of POS terminals] came from the original QuickServe systems that were in Burger Kings and they originally ran on real 8 bit mod 30s with a "wedge" that used the keyboard, display, parallel port (for the customer LCD display) and serial port for the ticket printer. The operator display was a Sony Walkman that was taught to talk VGA.
   The follow on 4651 (Wendy's) and 4655 (Chili's)  was a 286 30 repackaged in a special board. The rest of the 4680 grew from that. They are all ISA bus as far as I know. We spun that business off around that time and I did not get involved in the mall stores and grocery systems. I did have grease in my hair and ketchup in my veins throughout the 1980s (3680s) and  the roll out of 4680s in fast food (early 90s). 
   Wendy's rolled out their first 4651 in Naples Fla. I had a spare register under my desk (from that rollout) until I retired in 96 and did road shows with it. I took it to Decatur Georgia once to prove to Burger King they STILL had a software problem in QS-1, a system later. Turned out to be in the print spooler. We caught it in Decatur. God only knows how many perfectly good mod 30 boards went in the trash over that one. I know I had a bunch at several EC levels.

POS Support 
  Clint Moody suprised us by revealing PS/2s still in production: 
I work as a programmer for a large point of sale group.  Most of it is IBM 4690 OS and Os/2.  We don't work for IBM directly, but develop software along side for the 4690 OS (formally known in the 1990s as the 4680 os).

We still use an IBM 500 Pc Server (overlocked to 210Mhz) as our main code file server and print server.  Runs NT so it can talk with the modern XP network etc.  XP is not by our groups choice... there are other I.T. departments working in our building developing other type of software on different OSs.

We still have a couple of 9595s fully overclocked to 210Mhz Running Os/2 Warp 4.5 and IBM 4690 OS (Ver 3.3). However IBM is about to quit supporting the MCA bus for IBM 4690 OS starting with Version 4 (for machines in the controller role, not terminal role).  However Ver 3.3 still fine for development purposes.  IBM will continue to support IBM 4693 terminals  with MCA bus for the  4690 OS above Ver 3.3

Note that the IBM 4690 os only run on machines that
 a. Support the IBM 4690 OS
 b. Have a "Loop/NVRAM" card (a special ISa/MCA/PCI card)
 c. The IBM Bios needs support for it (goes along with "a.")

 So you can't just install this special os on just any netvista  or IBM PC.

Java 1.4.2 is supported in both os/2 and 4690. 

Also have 9577s with the IDE and S3 Video also hang around as development or test boxes with 4690 and os/2. SCSI Magnetic Opticals are highly used still. But Cd-Roms/DvdRoms are 
becoming more the portable optical media of choice here. I'm thinking of putting slackware linux on a box or two... it runs fine on other ISa/PCI boxes, should run fine on the ps/2s.

Our company is still too cheap to upgrade our equipment, so it is kind of  like a timewarp here. Customers of ours still heavily use 4693 terminals.... simply because they are so cheap to obtain.  They are sssloooww though... They are token ring 16mb and ethernet net 10baset... and are without hard drive, so they boot from the network.

IBM wants so bad to get rid of the MCA bus, but they can't shake it.. too much demand for the 4693s... too many of them out there. Same for token ring technology. Do R6000 machines count here?  Some of them utilize the MCA bus. There is no reason other than some lag time, that the Ps/2s cant still work in a development environment - or in the POS production environment.

POS Pondering
   Clint Moody goes on to say:
   Actually I don't think the 4683 is MCA, since there really is no expansion bus for it.  As I remember the memory chips for the 4683 don't work with ps/2s...  I think the 4683 design was pre-mca... in fact the controller for 4683 terminals originally ran on an IBM AT 286! That was slow even back then.

Through the grape vine, I hear A&P supermarkets just finished getting rid of their 4683s....   Can't believe they were still using them.

Sure I can give you some screen shots of the 4693 and the planar. I've never tried using the 4693 on board SCSI The 4693s in production for our customers and in our labs for testing are the latest 4693 model 741 which is a screaming 66Mhz, but it does have a memory address bus that will allow 32MB or 64MB max... we utilize 32mb because we use a large Ram Drive in our OS config.  (Offline item file storage ^^/)

Apparently from the IBM website, these could run NT 4, OS/2 and Windows 95..
Even have SVGA on them. 

I always found it cool that when you boot a DOS diskette or whatever on these and you don't have a CRT hooked up, it will redirect output to the 2x20 VFD/LCD display attached.  Nice.  SurePOS terminals after the 4693  didn't do this.

I'll upload the pictures sometime.

All the drivers, reference diskettes, BIOS, technical manuals are still in the timewarp section of IBM store support here... Still supported!!
Its all there, even the publications and tech hw support.. just have to poke around a bit:

We keep service contracts with Agilysis for hardware service and parts (new and old) for customers and our labs.  The cables
are easily obtained since all RS485 capable surepos terminals use them.  I don't do installations or support of the hardware.
If you mean the size of the 4690 OS etc, that I can tell you.

You'll only need Rs485 cables if you want to make it a cash register as they connect register equipment.  If using as a PC only the VFD/LCD will come in handy as a message display.

The company I work for is in NJ.  (I'm not originally from NJ, not that being from NJ is a "bad thing"). 

BTW the Rs/6000s in our Rs/6000 lab have the same case as the PC Server 500, yet the paint job is different and it has a
more fancy info/message LCD (2x20)..  the power switches are different too.  I think our customers LEASE these monsters from some company!  Their days are number with us as the software for them are slowly being replaced with Windows applications. I'll send you some shots of these guys too. 

Check out a AIX OS Admin  book at a local Barnes and Nobel or Borders and check the index for Microchannel or MCA... These machines still make it in the production world today.  The Rs/6000s reset / startup / install is like launching a missle with the key turning and button pushing.

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