7006 Workstation Operators Guide
7006 Workstation Service Guide

7006-41T IBM RS/6000 Model 41T
7006-41W IBM RS/6000 Model 41W

GXT150L Local Bus Video

GXT500 Local Bus Video

BH1 CR3032 battery
F1 Fuse for power or ethernet
F2 Fuse for SCSI termpower
F3 KB/Mouse fuse
J2 Mouse
J3 Tablet
J4 HPDB50 SCSI port
J5 AUI ethernet port
J6 DB25 serial port
J7 Parallel port header
J9 Power connector
J10-17 72 pin SIMMs
J12-1 15 pin header (J28)
J18 Bus riser
J19 External SCSI Enable
J20-1 Key Mode Switch
J21 Floppy
J22 Local bus port
J23 Tape connector for LED 
U3 PPC 601
U5 ucode (11H5838)
U7 NCR 53C720
U8 Dallas DS1210S
U9 8184108 (12H0272)
U11 8184093
U13 8184091
U24 8184095
U28 14 pin Header
U33 Intel KU8259DX-25
U36 Intel N82503
U42 N82077SL
U47 LSI L1B7807 51G8498
U52 NS PC16550DV
U53 Sony CXK58267AM-70L
U54 VLSI VL16C552-QC
U55 Dallas DS1285Q
VR1 LT1083CP (42x, uses U28)
Y1 7.8125 MHz osc
Y2 32.768 KHz xtal
Y3 40.0000 MHz osc
Y4 14.3181 MHz osc
Y5 24.000 MHz osc
Y6 15.9 MHz osc (7.960 MHz xtal)
maximum of 256 MB memory. 

Memory SIMMs must be installed in groups of fours, J10-J13 and J14-J17.
Make sure all SIMMs in a group of four are the same memory size. When installing the groups of four SIMMs, install the SIMMs in descending order beginning with slot J13 and ending with slot J10 or beginning with slot J17  and ending with slot J14.

My 41T had a nice suprise- eight NEC 428000A36FJ-70, IBM P/N 74G1020, FRU 73G3235. 32MB 70nS P, for a total of 256MB.

Tablet Connector Pinout
Pin Signal
Ground  5 Receive from device
Direct Current  6 Transmit to device
(dc) Return (Ground)
 7 Reserved
+5 V Reserved  8 Reserved

Key Mode Switch Pinout
   OK position    - No connections
   Lock Position  - Blue-Black
   Maint Position - Blue-Red

  Thank God this has only three pins.  Key Mode Switch assembly (lock/switch) is 88G2671. Cheap looking ABS plastic, BUT the keys and lock are made by 

Medeco Security Locks, Inc.
PO Box 3075
Salem, VA 24153

J19 External SCSI Enable

  Optional security for SCSI is provided by five jumpers (J19) on the system board. These jumpers (when set to the disabled position) prevent communication through the external SCSI connector. The default setting of the jumpers from the manufacturer is SCSI connector enabled.

MCA Riser 88G2949 FRU P/N 88G2731
J1,3,4 32 bit MCA slots
J2 32 bit AVE slot
J5 Local bus header
J6 Video card bus
U5 88G2501
U6-9 Motorola MCM67M618FN11
My SWAG- U6-9 are the .5MB L2 cache.

88G2539 Riser card (without L2 cache)
88G2731 Riser card (with L2 cache)

Open Case
  Set the key mode switch to the Service position and remove the key from the key mode switch. Remove the three cover screws from the rear panel. Grasp both sides of the cover, and then slide the cover toward the front of the system unit until the cover stops (approximately .5 inch (12 mm)).
  Grasp both sides of the cover, and then rotate the rear of the cover upward until the cover is tilted at an approximate 45 degree angle. While keeping the cover tilted at an approximately 45 degree angle, slide the cover forward until the cover clears the front of the system unit, and then remove the cover.

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