4055-001  IBM InfoWindow Touch-Screen Display Model 001
287-488   InfoWindow Control Program Version 1.3
187-223  InfoWindow Hardware Upgrade Kit
187-222  4055 InfoWindow Display Attachment To PS/2  Models 50 & 60
186-131  InfoWindow Display

@DFFC.adf  InfoWindow GPIB2 Card
@EFBF.adf  InfoWindow VGA Control Card

InfoWindow GPIB2 P/N ? FRU 83X9227
CON1 GPIB Port U1 NEC D7210C

U1 is a GPIB controller. If you know where the spec sheet is, tell ME!

InfoWindow VGA Controller P/N 83X9228 FRU 16F0481
CON2 RCA port
CON3 DB9 port
U9 16.257 MHz osc
U11 16F0480 EPROM

   The IBM InfoWindow Control Program V1.3 is compatible with DOS 3.2, 3.3, and 4.0. Customers using DOS 4.0 on a Personal System/2 Model 50, 60, 70, or 80 must ensure that the VGA Control adapter card has been upgraded with EC A77540 (ROM chip).  VGA Control Cards shipped before September 1, 1988, are Part Number 63X4915 and must have the EC applied.  The EC is available at no charge to InfoWindow customers with DOS 4.0, one of the above PS/2s, and a P/N 63X4915 VGA Control Card; see your marketing representative.  VGA Control Cards shipped on or after September 1, 1988, are Part Number 16F0481 and already have the EC applied.

Optional Videodisc Players:  Laser videodisc players which may be attached to the 4055 InfoWindow Touch-Screen Display and accessed through the IBM InfoWindow Control Program are available from original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  The following videodisc players or their functional and  interface equivalent have attachment interfaces capable of providing the  audio and video input to the system:

LD-V6000 (RS-232-C)
LD-6000 with SWSD Processor SS-D1 (Sound over Still) (RS-232-C)
LD-V6000A (RS-232-C)
LD-V6000A with SWSD Processor SS-D1 (Sound over Still) (RS-232-C)
LD-V6010A (RS-232-C)
LD-V6010A with SWSD Processor SS-D1 (Sound over Still) (RS-232-C)
LD-V6200 (IEEE-488)
LD-V6200A (IEEE-488)

LDP-1200 (RS-232-C)
LDP-1500 (RS-232-C)
LDP-1550 (RS-232-C)
LDP-2000 Model 1 (RS-232-C)
LDP-2000 Model 2 (RS-232-C)
LDP-2000 Model 3 (RS-232-C or IEEE-488)
LDP-2000 Model 4 (RS-232-C)
LDP-2000 Model 5 (RS-232-C or IEEE-488)

 Both the RS-232-C Serial Interface and IEEE-488 Parallel Interface ports are at the rear of the display.  Only one port can be used at a time for videodisc player attachment.  If digital data capability is desired, the Sony
  LDP-2000 Model 5 must be attached to the InfoWindow display via the IEEE-488 port.  If two videodisc players are required, they must both be attached via the IEEE-488 port.  Both players must be of the same make and model.

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