PS/2 Related
David Beem's Mirror (US) My main site
Wild Bill's mirror (US)
Bob Eager's Mirror (UK) Earlier Version, I use it for backup...
Vampire  (IT)  640/128k adsl
Grzegorz Mazur's Home Page (PL) Some 486 and other stuff. (24 Jan 06)
PS/2 Supersite (Mirror of IBM's PCBBS as of 99?)
MCA Container by UZnal MCAbase)
Walsh Computer Technology Computer Collection Pages by William Walsh
The P70 Project by "Dr"  Jim Shorney (God of Solder!)
Extreme Computing with Microchannel by Tam Thi Pham (site is slumbering)
Personal System/55 (JP) Tatsuo Sunagawa 
MCA PS/2 Archive (UK) By Pete Blackhouse (in the land of warm beer)
The Microchannel Enthusiast's Page by Peter Wendt. The Grand daddy of them all!

Useful Tools  Some of these sites require Java / Java Script!
WHOIS  What computer hosts a site, or where did an email come from? 
IBM Library Server Library  Boulder, Colorado
Publications Search Engine (IBM) External
Redbooks Possibly useful.
IBM Networking Support (IBM)
Hitatchi Global Storage Technologies (IBM Storage combined w/Hitatchi)
IBM Announcement Search (enable JS, as of 19 May 2005)
Personal System/2 Newsgroup
Vintage Computers (IBM Canada)
HMM (The Holy Writ) 
RSINFO/6000 offline, probably due to IBM shark team

IBM Hursley (P2P)  FTP
Hilgraeve  FTP

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