MCA Experience

Hardened Survivors of the Clone Wars
3 Feb 2014

   Folks, it has been a trip. The website "9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism" was started with the sole purpose of enabling those using MCA systems to keep them running, far past what IBM and MicroSoft would want you to. When I first came up with the "MCA Militia", or "Microchannel Militia" it was a parody of the Judas Priest song, "Metal Militia" (refer to the artwork from JP at top). As "Commander" of the MCA Militia, I have alerted members to good stuff on Ebuy, location of drivers or documentation, and uncovering of trivia or work-arounds for our beloved machines.

   However, time, software, hardware, and criminal intent have surged over us and our beloved Micro Channel Architecture. At first, I wanted to properly credit people that provided advice or "how-to" with their name and email. Then the rise of spamming nixed that. Went through the pages and removed all the links. Except, for some reason, this page. It was one I didn't have to go to (living the MCA dream), so it slumbered. A mobilization and a deployment also pulled my attention away from this site.

  Things that were benign and had no deeper meaning are being scrutinized in this era of zero defect mentality. Various words now evoke connotations which NOBODY on the comp.sys.ps2.hardware newsgroup ever made.

  The individuals that were listed here formed an impromptu "support group" for IBM Micro Channel Systems, long after IBM shoved MCA into the shadows. The shattered remains of the PS/2 colossus are spread over the internet, and we collect and share that information.

  For anyone searching for the "real truth" about this site (The Ardent Tool of Capitalism) please contact me. It is mostly boring, techie, and a refusal to throw away perfectly good computers "just because". As a last service to those that struggled to keep our beloved systems running, I am quite ready to answer inquiries about the "MCA Militia". Only blood ever spilled was from those darned MCA slot covers and the 95 side wall.

  Always celebrate the true purpose of Micro Channel - to serve it's users with (usually) rock solid hardware, year after year!

  Obey your Micro Channel urges- it's the logical thing to do.

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