PS/2 Rapacious
Nuclear Attack Server 9585-ONT

Source for the new core assembly

 It took me a lot of baksheesh to get the depleted fuel assemblies from the Pacific Fleet. I took this with a pinhole camera.

Traveling through Iran
  Traveling through northern Iran. My buddy is "Bob", the CIA station chief of Tehran.

Enroute to France for Reprocessing
   I got sick of listening about the "Dear Leader". Made me think it was campaign time for the democratic candidates for president...

Reprocessing in France
   I had a blast in France, where I got a heckuva deal on reprocessing the Soviet-era nuclear submarine fuel. Since they lost one of their biggest clients for nuclear technology in April of 2003, they were glad to pick up a little work on the side.

Back to the Good ol' US of A in my Aurora


 To save time, I called my contacts in the Pentagon and had the Aurora flow over to pick me up plus the fuel assemblies. Ever see two sunrises in one day?

Pulling the core


  I had to take the Rapacious off-line for a few hours to pull the old cores and swap in the new ones.

Fuel assemly being loaded into 85-ONT

 Here are some folks from installing my refurbished fuel assemblies. Boy, can they party hard...They had a drink called "Core Breach" and it sure does make your skull feel like it exploded when you wake up.

Thanks to the Guys and Gals from


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