Artist XJS MC (5080)
Artist Graphics was bought up by BayRiver and both seem extinct. 

@80C3.ADF - ARTIST XJS MC Graphic Adapter 

This adapter uses the TI TMS34020A chip, which is a good chip, but requires you to use the TIGA software. So the included TIGA drivers will work under Win 3.1x....  ARTIST XJS Drivers Version 1.12 (5/93) Disk 1  ARTIST XJS Drivers Version 1.12 (5/93) Disk 2

ARTIST XJS MC Graphic Adapter Base Card
J3 DB 9 Video 
J4 HDD15 Video 
JP1, JP2 50 pin sockets 
U1 TI TMS34020AGBL-32 
U4 32.000MHz Osc 
U5  Artist 1-GA 105J 
U10-U17 MT42C4256Z-8 
U18 Dual 72 pin SIMM Sockets
U25 Artist 1-GA 105J 
U26 Brooktree Bt438KPJ 
U29, U30 160.0000 MHz Osc 
U31 Brooktree Bt458LPJ165 
U32 Artist 1-GA 105J 
U34-U36 5020-5 
VR1 Bourns 3321N 1K Pot

U29 and U30 Pixel Clocks
 64 MHz, 80 MHz, 108 MHz, 128 MHz, 130 MHz, 135 MHz, 140 MHz, 160 MHz 

ARTIST XJS MC Graphic Adapter Daughter Card 


JP1, JP2 50 pin header 
U1-U6 MT42C4256DJ-8 

AdapterId 080C3H ARTIST XJS MC Version 2.0

I/O Base Address
     <Range 03EXh>, Range 03DXh, Range 02DXh, Range 02EXh, Range 06CXh 

PC Memory Address
   This 16KB block in PC memory maps to two 8KB windows in the 34020 memory space.  These 8 KB windows can each be mapped to start at any 8 KB boundary in the 34020 memory space. 
     <Segment CC00>, C800, D000, D400, D800, DC00 

Interrupt Request Option
   This graphic controller can be configured to send either hardware interrupt IRQ10 or IRQ11 from the 34020 Graphics Processor to the microchannel bus. 
     <Interrupt -IRQ10>, Interrupt -IRQ11 

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