NCR 3350
3350R208.EXE   3350 Refdisk ver 1.11.00 Y2K Compliant 
3350SD01.EXE  3350 Service Diags Disk 1 of 1 ver 2
3350UD01.EXE    3350 User Diags Disk 1 of 1 ver 2.04 
HIGH_RES.EXE   77c22(e) DOS Device Driver (ver 2.10)
WIN_31.EXE   77c22(e) Windows 3.1 Video Drivers 
CLR1SS01.EXE    Clarity I SSD (Win & NT) v 1.30
CAMC9X.EXE    CAM disk drivers for 53C9X SCSI host 
CDSCSI-2.SYS   DOS CDROM Driver for SCSI 2 Devices 
   Other specific CD Rom drivers are HERE

System Board P515-0001724C?
CR5 +12v LED
CR6 -12v LED
CR7 +5v LED
F1 KB fuse 1.5A
F2 5v floppy fuse 3A
F3 +12v floppy fuse 3A
F4 SCSI termpwr fuse, 1A
FS1 CMOS clear
J2 Power
J3 Mouse
J4 Floppy
J5,6,8,9,11,12 72 pin SIMM
J7 DB25 serial (top) parallel
J14 HDD15 video
J15 Processor slot
J16 AVE slot (in line with J17)
J17 Video slot (used by Clarity)
J18,20,21 32 bit slots
J19 Audio connector
JP1 4 pin power conn (molex)
RP1,2,3 SCSI termpacks
U5 N82077SL-1 
U16 WPD Falcon E 006-2001895 
U27 P8242PC
U34 53C94 609-3400508
U35 86C01 609-3400462
U42/3,51/2,59,60,66/7 DRAM
U53 77C22E 609-3400544
U54 VLSI VY14634-2 006-2004999
U56 VLSI VY14669-2 006-2006190
U57 VLSI VY14634-2 006-2004999
U79 Samsung (?) KDA0476BPL
U81 WPD Clemson 006-2001325
U113 LSI L17A7552 006-2005052
U118,119 MHS 006-2002148
Y1 1.843200 MHz osc
Y2 24.00000 MHz osc
Y3 65.00000 MHz osc
Y4 14.31818 MHz osc

   Parity 70 ns  72 pin. Six sockets for industry standard SIMM parity memory up to 192 MB
20 MB/second Micro Channel bus

SCSI Termpacks are Dale 8 pin SIPPs, 221-331G (dtd '93)
DRAMs are (x8) Siemens HYB514256BJ-70

Processor Card GAL-LITE CPU W/Cache Adapter, FCC C6P3350-66
J1 outline for 20 pin header
JP1 Fan header
SW1 CPU Type
U7 Socket 2 ZIF
U8 L2 cache socket (missing on SX card)
Y1 60.00000 MHz osc CPU Clk
Y2 66.6667 MHz osc DMA Clk
JP1 Header for left fan. Gnd +12v Gnd
U8 Cache used on Zeos and Reply systems.

 SX board has a surface mounted SX, no switch, and no L2 cache. The DX2 board has ZIF socket with a switch block next to it, and an L2 cache. Cache Memory Socket supports 64 KB or 128 KB cache module You need the latest BIOS of 1.09.00 or later. 83mhz upgrade really does improve things...  

L2 Cache

From "wault" on the Vintage Computer Forum
This board was manufactured by Intel and IDT and used over about a two year period on a variety of 486 systems using a 33Mhz bus in the early nineties. The board contains a total of 4 rows of 28 pins.

There are 64K and 128K versions and here are some of the part numbers:
I82485MA-33 (64K)
I82485MB-33 (128K)

Machines that I know of using this item:

Multibest Industrial MB4861DX
Epson ExpressStation 486
Packard Bell 22/23 motherboard
NCR 3350 and 3434
Reply 80 Planar
Intel L486
DECpc 433
Morse Technologies KP 486EDX
Zenith ZDS
Zeos 486/33

CPU Settings on SW1


   NOTE: Processor card will not operate if more than one processor type is selected.

Two 50 to 19,200 baud serial ports, One 8-bit parallel bi-directional port

   The 3350 has 4 drive bays.  Two are external (the top external bay can hold a 5 1/4" device like a CDROM drive).  The other bays are for 3 1/2" devices only.  In order to get the fourth bay (the "upper" "rear" bay, two sheet metal extenders are installed above bay three (bay three is the "lower" "rear" bay).  If bay four is used, you cannot use the upper front bay for a 5 1/4" device (there is not enough room).  4 MCA slots. One is an MCA video slot, and has the extra connector for the Clarity 1 card. 

Video System
NCR 77C22E.  with 1MB of video ram. Capable of 1024X768  256 colors.

Clarity 1 Video Board (Bam-Bam?)
   There was an optional video board built specifically for the 3350 called the "Clarity 1".  It plugged into a proprietary slot, and was capable of up to 1280x1024.  The Clarity 1 has 2 MB. The feature/kit number for the clarity 1 is 3350-F/K256.

> I have a NCR 3350 with a Clarity I video card.  Does anyone know if there are Win95 drivers available for this  card?  Or even who manufactured the Clarity I card for NCR?

Joey Blankenship says:
> MCNCR designed and manufactured the Clarity I card in-house.  I was project leader and developer for the Windows 3.1 & NT device drivers for this card.  I also worked on testing the existing 3.1 drivers under Win95.  They appeared to work fine.  I believe that the official position of NCR is that this card is not supported under Win95, but I'm not sure.  However, we did get the drivers working both by upgrading and existing Win3.1 installation and installing under Win95.  No mods were made to the drivers.

Install CD Rom
> How can i do for install easely install one of the two ?  --- No CD driver on this machine :-(( , because MCA bus ---

You need DOS CDROM drivers to install Win 95 or NT.  Take a look at
You have a 53c94 SCSI host adapter on the motherboard.  You will need two drivers - the CAM driver and the CDROM driver.  Your config.sys should look something like this:
These two statements must be added to the CONFIG.SYS file in the following order - following any memory manager drivers (such as HIMEM.SYS or EMM386.SYS) and must precede any other "DEVICE=" statements.

devicehigh      =       c:\util\ncr\camc9x.sys
devicehigh      =       c:\util\ncr\diskidd.sys
devicehigh      =       c:\util\ncr\cd-tosh.sys /d:msc001

     DEVICE=a:cdscsi-2.sys /D:ASPICD0

Some of the older 1x CDROM drives (like the Sony or the Toshiba) needed a specific driver (in place of cd-scsi-2.sys).

 Another good utility to download from NCR is PUTSIG which will fix a Reference Disk that's been corrupted by WIN 95.

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