ATI 8514 Ultra
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ATI Graphics Ultra Pro

@8088.adf ATI 8514/Ultra (mach8)  
Drivers for 8514-ULTRA (mach8)

Disable 1-2 2 J5
Enable 2-3* 3 J6
Memory Size J3 5 J7
512K On

1.0MB Off Pixel Clock J8
I/O J4 Clock 1-2
8-bit 2-3 Clock Bar 2-3*
16-bit 1-2*

* Factory Default 
** Not used by any software. Default all IRQs disabled. 

VRAM TI TMS44C251-8 or NEC D42274V-8 (256x4 VRAM ZIP) 
(Huh- a 28pin ZIP? Like the XGA-2?) 

VGA Pass Through Connector Not used for MCA systems. Remember, this card uses the AVE slot, being fed base video from the on-board video or through the AVE connector from the card in the BVE slot... 

Video Memory Address- A000-BFFF 
Video BIOS Address- C000-C7FF 
Video Port Address- 2E0-2E8 (Fixed) 

Converting Card To MCA Configuration
Remove the 4 screws on the back side of the adapter Module (the white screws on the back of the board) and remove the nuts holding the existing bracket. Install the parts as shown in the following illustration, fastening the plastic clip first. Slide the three prong end of the Microchannel bracket into the plastic clip and then tighten the nuts. 

Mount the module with the MCA retaining bracket on the 8514-Ultra as shown below. Fasten the retaining bracket on the 8514-Ultra using the four plastic screws. Make sure the notch on the module is facing up (away from the MCA bus connector). 

The 8514-Ultra must be installed in an AVE slot (Slot 3 in a 90, Slot 7 in an 85 or 95). This bus slot contains additional connectors for the Video Bus which is used by the 8514-Ultra to pass VGA signals through the monitor connected to the 8514-Ultra. 

Error Messages
14201 Video Adapter Not Detected- If card is pesent, this would indicate a severe failure (ie I/O conflict with another board, bad bus timing, bad gate array, or a bad board) 
14202 Pass Through Connector Configuration Error- Not applicable to MCA setup. 
14203 Subsystem Failure- Severe failure. 
14204 Graphics Subsystem Failure- Generic coprocessor error. Treat as a severe failure. Ensure that no device uses COM4 (I/O address 2E8). 
14205 RAMDAC Failure- RAMDAC failure. Contact ATI Tech support... 
14206 Ram Failure- RAM data error. If one, two, or three RAM chips are flashing, then the RAM chips are suspect. If every second RAM chip is failing, check the J3 (MEM_SIZE) jumper. If multiple RAM chips are failing, the board is suspect. 
14207 RAM Addressing Failure- Treat as a RAM Data Failure. 
14208 POST ROM Checksum Failure- POST error. Check that ROM address does not conflict with anything else. In MCA systems, the ROM address is fixed at C680. Which means the other devices must have their ROM address moved. 
14209 Configuration Error- Bad EEPROM. Run INSTALL utility again and reboot. If problem persistes, it is a board failure. 
14213 FIFO Overflow Failure- Severe failure. 
14214 Data Not Ready Failure- Severe Failure. 
14215 ROM Paging Failure- Occurs if ROM shadowing is enabled for the ROM or if there is an I/O conflict with register 46E8 of the VGA. 

Testing The 8514-Ultra
The Diagnostic test has the following components- 
   ROM Integrity Test- Performs a CRC checksum on the boot ROM. Fails if ROM is bad or there is an address conflict. This test is skipped if the 8514-Ulta has not been installed. 
  Register Integrity Test- Performs reads and writes to some of the 8514-Ultra registers. An error with this test indicates a severe failure. 
   FIFO Integrity Test- Tests the FIFO. An error with this test indicates a severe failure. 
   RAMDAC Integrity Test- Tests the RAMDAC. 
   Video Memory Test- Tests integrity of video memory chips. If one, two, or three RAM chips are flashing on the pictograph, then the RAM chips are suspect. If every second RAM chip is failing, check the J3 (MEM_SIZE) jumper. If multiple RAM chips are failing, the board is suspect. 
   Test Sequences- There are five test sequences. 1MB boards will perform sequences 1, 2, and 3. Minimum Mode Boards (512K) will perform test sequences 1M, 2M, and 3. Any error within any of these tests would indicate a failure of the Mach8 coprocessor or a bus timing problem. 

System Won't Boot- Power down, Set J1 to disable EEPROM (closed position), power up, run INSTALL.EXE; power down; set J1 to enable EEPROM (open position); power up; you should see the 8514-Ultra. 
Test Patterns OK, But Applications Won't Sync- Wrong monitor type selected. Run INSTALL.EXE, change Monitor settings. 
VGA Text Not Well Defined/Wrong Color- Change J8 from Clock Bar to Clock. 
Network Cards- Many network cards have a default I/O address of 2E0. The network card must be reconfigured 

@8088h "ATI 8514/ULTRA"

Configuration not alterable
   The configuration of this adapter can not be altered. If a CONFLICT occurs with this adapter, alter the MEMORY LOCATION of other adapters until the conflict is resolved.
    <"Installed"> 0C6800h - 0C7FFFh

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