@80fd.adf   Ergo/MC Dual port ADF file for MVP-2/MC
@80fc.adf  STB PowerGraph MC VGA Adapter   Ergo/MC Single port  ERGO-VGA/MC Utilities (with latest ADF file)  ADF file for Serial/Parallel 2  ERGO-MCX OS/2 2.1 Drivers

P1 HDD-15
U6 STB 250-0012-001
U14,19 ERGO/MC 1.1
U20 ICS2494N
U21 Tseng Labs ET4000AX
U30 SC11483CV
U22-29 MB81C4256A-70P
Y1 14.31818 MHz xtal

AdapterId 80FC STB PowerGraph MC VGA Adapter (single port)

;   The IO addresses shown below are dummies to cause the Automatic Configuration to assign unique (hopefully sequential) board numbers to each board. The board actually uses addresses 3C0-3DF just like a regular VGA.

Board number
     This allows support for multiple boards to be installed in your system.  Each STB video board must have a unique board number assigned to it.  Board numbers must be assigned sequentially starting at BOARD 1.  The Video BIOS for all boards is accessed only from BOARD 1."
   <Choice "1" (io 03C0h-03C0h,  mem C0000-C7F0F,  C2000-C23FF, C4000-C43FF, C6000-C63FF)>, 2 (io 03C1-03C1, mem C7F10-C7F1F,, C2400-0C27FF, C4400-C47FF, C6400-C67FF), 3 (io 03C2-03C2, mem C7F20-C7F2F, C2800-C2BFF, C4800-C4BFF, C6800-C6BFF), 4 (io 03C3-03C3,  mem C7F30-C7F3F, C2C00-C2FFF, C4C00-C4FFF, C6C00-C6FFF), 5 (io 03C4-03C4, mem C7F40-C7F4F, C3000-C33FF, C5000-C53FF, C7000-C73FF), 6 (io 03C5-03C5, mem C7F50-C7F5F, C3400-C37FF, C5400-C57FF, C7400-C77FF), 7 (io 03C6-03C6, mem C7F60-C7F6F, C3800-C3BFF, C5800-C5BFF, C7800-C7BFF), 8 (io 03C7-03C7, mem C7F70-C7FFF, C3C00-C3FFF, C5C00-C5FFF, C7C00-C7FFF

Clock frequency group select
Selects one of two possible video frequency sets, Normal for most monitors, Ergonomic for high refresh ergonomic monitors ( *** Danger ---> Ergonomic frequencies can do permanent damage to some monitors. Consult manual. *** )
      <Choice "Normal   ">,  Ergonomic

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