Genoa SuperVGA 6600 MCA
@8002.ADF  "SuperVGA/MC Display Adapter, Ver. 3.0 Genoa 6600 GVGA Drivers disks (win286/386/3.0, PM)
Programming the Genoa SVGA Chip

Card scans and disk copies courtesy of Pertti Helander

Genoa SuperVGA 6600
J1 HDD-15 VGA port
U1A- U8B Via V53C464AP80L
U9 Genoa GVGA GN007001-B
U26 Marked "6600"
U29 Marked "1485"
Y1 14.918 MHz xtal

   This card is to be an upgrade for systems with planar VGA. It provides support for 800x600 and 1024x768 modes, something the planar VGA could never do. Color depth is limited to 256 colors. The neat-o thing about the 6600 is that it supports 60 AND 70 Hz operation, again, something the planar VGA can't do.

  You can also choose to have only the planar VGA passed through the 6600 or have the 6600 SVGA enabled.

Video Modes

ADF Sections for AdapterId 8002 "SuperVGA/MC Display Adapter, Ver. 3.0"

Operating System
   Please check your operating system and make a choice
    <"MS-DOS, XENIX, or UNIX">, OS/2 Boot Game
NOTE: each choce uses the first two positions in POS [1]
    MS-DOS, XENIX, or UNIXpos[1]=10XXXXXXb
    OS/2                   pos[1]=11XXXXXXb
    Boot Game              pos[1]=01XXXXXXb

Monitor Type
   If your monitor is listed here, select it. If your monitor is NOT, then check your monitor capability with the maximum resolution and try to select the closest one.
    <"IBM 8503,8512,8513 or 8514">, NEC 4D,5D, or compatible, Nanao 9500, Mitsubishi 6615STK or 6615TK, NEC 3D or IBM 8514 compatible, NEC M/S XL, NEC 2A, Nanao 9070, Sony 1304, Sony 1302
NOTE: Each choice uses the same memory window, 0c0000h-0c7fffh, but the POS changes.
  IBM 8503,8512,8513 or 8514    pos[1]=XX1111XXb
  NEC 4D,5D, or compatible      pos[1]=XX0001XXb
  Nanao 9500                    pos[1]=XX0001XXb
  Mitsubishi 6615STK or 6615TK  pos[1]=XX0001XXb
  NEC 3D or IBM 8514 compatible pos[1]=XX1110XXb
  NEC M/S XL                    pos[1]=XX1101XXb
  NEC 2A                        pos[1]=XX1100XXb
  Nanao 9070                    pos[1]=XX1011XXb
  Sony 1304                     pos[1]=XX1001XXb
  Sony 1302                     pos[1]=XX1000XXb

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