IBM SVGA Adapter

IBM SVGA Adapter/A Driver Disk 
@90EE.ADF- SVGA Adapter/A 

IBM SVGA Adapter/A 256c
ADF Section

IBM SVGA Adapter/A
L5, L9, L10 TDK ZJY-2P 
U43-46 Toshiba TC511665BZ-80 
U47 ICS ICS2494M 
U50 AMD 39G6131
U60 OKI 85F0120 
U61 TI 42G3410 
Y1 F14.3H1
INMOS (a British Company) was acquired in 1989 by  SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics. 

  This puppy has 512K of VRAM. It is supported as a generic SVGA adapter. The SVGA refers only to the 640x480 resolution, NOT color depth. NO specific Win xxx drivers exist. Or for that matter, OS/2 (VGA256).

AdapterId 90EE SVGA Adapter/A

FixedResources io 3b0h-3bbh 3c0h-3dfh  int 9

Video I/O Address
   This field shows the I/O (Input/Output) address range for the display  controller registers.  Each adapter you install must have a unique address range. 
        <"Instance 6: 2160h - 216Fh">, 1: 2110-211F, 2: 2120-212F, 3: 2130-213F, 4: 2140-214F, 5: 2150-215F, 7: 2170-217F, 0: 2100-210F

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