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Ahead VGA Enhancer Z
   W5 Function
ADF Sections (both ADFs use same sections)

Ahead VGA Enhancer Z
J1 Outline for 5 pin jumper
U8-13 Video memory
U14 Socket for?
U16 Socket for?
U19 Video controller
U22 Outline for osc
U27 MHz osc
U32 Outline for osc
W1, 2, 3, 4 Outline for 2 pin jumper
W5 Jumper to set card ID
W6 Outline for three pin jumper

David Beem put the drivers and scanned the manual for us all.

Function of W5
  Sets adapter ID in case there is a conflict. When W5 is jumpered, card ID is 8002. When W5 is open, card ID is 8202.

Slot Requirement
   The VGA Enhancer must be installed in the video extension slot, since it uses the base video from the planar.
50/50z  - Slot #3
60/80   - Slot #6
55sx/70 - Slot #1

AdapterId 08002h and 08202h AHEAD SYSTEMS INC., VGA ENHANCER-Z, Rev. A

VGA Enhancer-Z  Disable
      <"DISABLE">, ENABLE 

Video BIOS ROM Address Select
   The EPROM size can be either 8K (2764) or 16K (27128) or disabled.
      <"BIOS size= 16K starting @C000h">  0C0000h-0C3fffh, DISABLE BIOS,"BIOS size= 8K starting @C000h"  0C0000h-0C1fffh

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