3363 Optical Disk Drive

@DF7F.ADF - IBM 3363 Optical Disk 
187-064   IBM 3363 Optical Disk Drive
3363driv.exe   11-14-90  3363 Optical Disk Drive Opt Dsk V.1.02D
   3363 Setup README
3363.zip      05-24-90  Original 3363 opt dsk (DOS)ver 3.3 & lower
ADF Sections

3363 Optical Disk Drive Adapter P/N 63X4266
CN301 6 pin power (?)
CN302 34 pin header
CN303 DB37 port
IC306 MN50040TTP
IC307 MN50020TTM
IC308,309,311 4416S-12
IC310 MN8356
IC312 MN52060DSB
IC313 intel P8052AH
IC319 MN2364DSP
VC301 variable capacitor, unk
VR301 variable resistor, unk
X301 0001MK xtal

  Thanks to Jim Hope for sending the MCA and ISA versions.

Diddling with VC301
  Dr Jim Shorney says:
  "VC" implies variable capacitor.  Used for alignment of AC circuits to specified parameters.  Don't screw with them, you'll be sorry. 

Util3363.exe Is the IBM Optical Disk Utilities
Burt3363.exe is the Backup Utility.
Ecyddx.sys is the Config.sys device driver
Ibm3363.exe is the Autoexec.bat driver

3383 Trivia
  Greg Fretwell wrote:
   The 3363 supports either an internal or externally connected drive. OS/2 should see it. I use mine on DOS 6.3 but win 3.1 sees it if I have the driver loaded. You can customize the driver from one to eight
reserved addresses. The 3363.com (exe?) makes it look like another hard drive. When you write to it the drive will ignore any file with identical directory entries to save disk space. This is a write once media. I use
it because it is archival storage. If there is still a running 3363 in 2099 it should be able to read the media. They have MCA and ISA bus cards for it. I haven't tried it on my w/95 machine yet. That may puke.  I have the tech ref book and the guide to ops book if you have any jumper or switch questions.

Dave Jones said:
  > I have 2 IBM3363 Worm Drives (1 Internal & 1 External). I also have 2 cards. I know they are good but I can't seem to get one running on my PS2 80. I am getting critical error 80 when I try to initialize. Ant
help would be appreatiated. IE: toggle/switch settings, do I need a loopback?,or whatever.

Hi Ted,
 Make sure that you've got each of the 3363 drives set up with a unique 'station id'. Even if you're using two adapter cards you'll still need to set the dipswitches on each worm drive to different station ids.

The station id is a block of 4 switches, labelled SW601 on the 3363 unit.
For 3363 unit 1: Set ALL dip switches OFF
For 3363 unit 2: Set Switch 1 ON

Look for the Station1/Station2 sitch, which is a single switch labelled SW602, next to the SW601 4 switch block on the 3363 unit.
For 3363 unit1 Set witch OFF.
For 3363 unit2 Set switch ON.

If you're using the 3363s on separeate adpater cards, ensure that both of them have the terminator block nexy to the station select switches (SW601) in place. 

3363 Optical Disk Utilities

OPINT - Initialize the optical disk.
                 Volume Label / No Label / Quit
Promote - Copy a version of a file.
                   Existing Date / Current Date / Quit
Vlist - Display a directory of versions of files.
                Pause / No Pause / Quit
Eradicate - Permanently erase a file.
                    Latest / All / Quit

3363 Backup Utility

    Incremental / All Files / List of Files / Quit
    All Files / Updated Files / List of Files / Quit

AdapterID DF7F IBM3363 Optical Disk

IO Address Select
   Port addresses for the card. Each optical adapter must have a unique address range.
     <"Address 258" (0258h-025Bh)>, 658 (0658h-065Bh), A58 (0a58h-0a5Bh), E58 (0e58h-0e5Bh)

ROS Segment
   To configure this adapter you must choose the memory location used for it's BIOS ROM.  There are 12 memory locations that can be selected.
     <"Segment DA00" (DA000-DBFFF)>, DC00 (DC000-DDFFF), DE00 (DE000-DFFFF), C800 (C8000-C9FFF), CA00 (CA000-CBFFFh), CC00 (0CC000-CDFFF), CE00 (CE000-CFFFF), D000 (D0000-D1FFF), D200 (D2000-D3FFF), D400 (D4000-D5FFF), D600 (D6000-D7FFF), D800 (D8000-D9FFF)

   This adapter can transfer data via PIO or DMA. If using DMA, step through arbitration levels until you find a level which is not in conflict.
   <"DMA Data Transfer">, PIO Data Transfer

Interrupt Level
   This adapter can use any of four interrupt levels
     <"5">, 7, 10, 11

Fairness On/Off
   Bus Arbitration Fairness.  Aadapter releases control of the bus after exclusive use.
   <"On">, Off

Arbitration Level
   Using arbitration levels, this adapter accesses memory directly without burdening the computer's main microprocessor.  An arbitration level of 0 has the highest priority, and increasing levels have corresponding decreased priority.
     < "Level 10">, 11, 12, 13, 14, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Burst Length
   DMA transfer burst length.  Maxi number of bytes transferred in a single DMA transfer.
     <"8  Byte Burst">, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Burst Disabled

Bypass Diagnostics at REBOOT
   Diagnostics on the adapter card and drives are always performed at power on time. This option selects a choice of whether or not diagnostics are to be ran at REBOOT time. <alt-ctrl-del>
   <"Run Diags">, Don't run diags

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